About section15

I was raised in Lawrence, North Andover, and
in my collegiate years, Boston. My first time at Fenway was
probably (around) 1959, which means I’ve been in Red Sox
Nation for close to 50 years. Rather than dwell on the good
and the bad over the last half-century, it goes without
saying –“These are the good old days”. Family? My wife is a
baseball fan; we have a daughter who is an ROTC instructor
(and a student herself) at the University of Massachusetts at
Amherst; she is also an honorably discharged veteran of
Operation Iraqi Freedom. She served as a signal officer with
the rank of Captain and earned the Bronze Star Medal.


I have varied interests; I am a computer
professional by day; within the baseball world, I am a member
of the Lost Nation online group, the BoSox Club, and, of
course, Red Sox Nation. I also do some photography, and also
hold an amateur radio license. My wife and I enjoy traveling,
cooking great grill meals for friends, and, of course, days
and nights at Fenway Park.